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 Friday, September 29th at 5:00 PM  
Saturday, September 30th at 10:00 AM

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On Friday, September 29th at 5:00 PM we will be selling authentic historical autographs from the Presidents, Early America, Politics, Science, Arts and Letters, Military, World Leaders and Aviation and Space. We will also have nearly 100 signed stock certificates.

We are excited to be offering examples from Forty-Two U. S. Presidents. 

We have many signers, patriots and Founding Fathers. Our Military section is, I believe, the deepest and strongest we have ever had from the hand-written official battle report of the last major battle of the Civil War written by Sayler's Creek hero, General Oliver Edwards , to examples from Lee, Nimitz, Patton, MacArthur, Enola Gay and other remarkable material. Religious personalities include newly canonized saints Mother Teresa and John Paul II . Aviation and space signatures from Orville Wright, Charles A. Lindbergh, Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin, Space Shuttle crews many other astronauts and cosmonauts. From literature we have signed books from J D Salinger, Rex Stout, Stephen King, e. e. cummings, William Butler Yeats, L. Frank Baum and many more, also letters, an autograph quote from The Battle Hymn of the Republic signed by author Julia Ward Howe , and autographed material from other literary and arts notables. World Leaders include monarchs with a remarkable early autograph letter from the future British Monarch, King Edward VII . We also have a large offering of signed stock certificates from business leaders such as J. P. Morgan , J. D. Rockefeller and others.

The continuation of our sale on Saturday. September 30th, will be devoted to Stage and Screen and Sports personalities. Many entertainers are represented, including, actors James Dean, John Wayne comedians the Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers and a large selection of music personalities, featuring The Beatles , and Sports including Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris and numerous game used signed baseballs including a perfect game ball and Mark McGwire's first home run ball from the 2000 season. 

I am confident that if you are a collector, or are seeking a perfect holiday gift for a collector, you will find something of interest.

As always any lot may be purchased before the auction, at the high estimate, plus premium, assuming no existing bids.

Here are several of the lots being offered:  

LOT 42: Thomas Jefferson 
(1743-1826) 3rd President.
8" x 9 ¼" financial document signed, January 13, 1792 (as Secretary of State), three-pages, the document details a balance of $1,035.62 due to the Department of State, counter-signed by the Comptroller's Office. Clear dark signature.  

OPEN for $6000


LOT 567: Neil Armstrong and Others
25" x 30" limited edition lithograph entitled Naval Aviation In Space , limited edition (884/1000) signed in pencil by nine pioneering astronauts: Neil Armstrong (1930-2012), Gene Cernan (1934-2017), Charles "Pete" Conrad (1930-1999), John Glenn (1921-2017), Rick Hauck (1941-   ), Jack Lousma (1936-   ), James Lovell (1928-   ), Wally Schirra (1923-2007) and Alan Shepard (1923-1998). The poster is also signed by the artist R. L. Rasmussen. The lithograph is matted and framed to 29" x 36".

OPEN for $2300  

LOT 213: John Paul II
(1920-2005) Roman Catholic Pope.  8" x 11 ½" color photograph, signed, "Joannes Paulus II". The photograph has a raised Vatican seal.      

OPEN for $900

LOT 834A: The Beatles
The Beatles were a legendary rock group that formed in Liverpool, England, in 1960, and went on to transform popular music as a creative, highly commercial art form over the next decade. The Beatles were one of the most popular bands of all time. With members John Lennon (1940-1980), Paul McCartney (1942-   ), George Harrison (1943-2001) and Ringo Starr (1940-   ) they became widely regarded as the foremost and most influential act of the rock era. Four 3 ½" x 5" album pages signed by each, backstage at Fairfield Hall, Croydon, Surrey, England on April 25, 1963. Harrison has added: " XXX" and his page is also signed by actress Jane Asher. McCartney has written " love Paul McCartney (Beatles) XXX " and Starr signs: " The Beatles Love Ringo Starr XXX ".  The pages have been "slabbed" by authenticator PSA/ DNA. Who has graded Lennon an 8, McCartney a 9 and Starr and Harrison are 10's. 

OPEN for $4500


LOT 940: Babe Ruth
(1895-1948) Pitcher, outfielder. Ruth, over the course of his career, broke all of baseball's most important slugging records, including most years leading a league in home runs, most total bases in a season, and highest slugging percentage for a season. He amassed a career total of 714 home runs. He was one of the charter members of the Hall of Fame in 1936. His book, Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseball, G. P. Putnam, 1928, First Edition, signed above is photograph, facing the title page.

OPEN for $2,400


LOT 796: John Wayne
(1907-1979) Actor. Wayne was one of the most popular film actors of the 20th century, He  received his first leading film role in The Big Trail (1930). his next big break in in Stagecoach (1939). His career as an actor took another leap forward when he starred in Red River  (1948). He won his first Academy Award in 1969. 8" x 10" black and white, matte finish, movie still signed, " Good Luck - Paul John Wayne 1970".

OPEN for $700

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